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Taking Care of Yourself

Caring for a Beard and Moustache
Essential tips for facial hair care

How to Trim a Beard
It's real easy to do, but here are some tips anyway

How to Shave Correctly
Good tutorial from Health 24

How to Wet Shave
A video tutorial on shaving for guys who don't like to read

How to Tie a Tie
You may need to learn to do this sooner or later - Video instruction

Hot Tips for Improving Your Life
Make yourself a better person

Finding a Job During College
Hey!...Help mom and dad out

How to do Laundry in a Dorm
Pay attention to sorting your clothes - mom will love you for it

How to do Laundry in College
Good laundry basics from About.com

How to do Laundry
OK, one more laundry link...Your mom will love me for this

How to Iron Your Clothes
Mom's no longer there to help you with this - from wikiHow

How to Iron Your Clothes
Just in case you didn't learn from the previous link

How to Make Your Bed
Just in case by some miracle you decide to do this

Learn2 Make a Bed
Why do I get the sense that this will be the least viewed link?

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Living Arrangements

College Prep 101 - Roommates
Planning to room with your best friend? - Maybe

How to Pick a Roommate
Good advice from the folks at eHow

How to Pack Your Luggage
Luggage packing 101 from eHow

How to Rent a Truck
Good tips if you are planning on hauling your belongings in a truck

How to Rent a Self-Move Truck
Good truck rental advice

How to Rent an Apartment or House
Great real estate rental tips from eHow

How to Sign an Apartment Lease
Lease basics here - This can come in handy

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Interpersonal and Organizational Skills

How to be More Assertive
Speak up for yourself - Some good advice here

How to be Assertive
Great advice by wikiHow

Being More Assertive
How to be more assertive from the University of Plymouth

Being Punctual
Be on time - Need I say more?

How to be More Punctual
Presented by wikiHow

Help for the Chronically Late
How to get somewhere on-time

How to Manage Your Time
A necessary college survival skill from eHow

Time Management from Mind Tools
This is an excellent site on time management

Time Management
More good ways to manage you time from wikiHow

Managing Your Time Effectively
Nice article from Rio Salado College

Managing Your Time
More good advice here

How to Relax
Good relaxation tips from wikiHow

7 Quick Ways to Calm Down
Try not to be stressed out all of the time

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College Life

College Dorm Life
What you might expect from dorm life

Survive Dorm Life: Rules to Live by
Some basic rules on dorm living

Dorm Life
Good information about dorm life from About.com

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Dating and Relationships

College Student Dating Tips
Good dating advice from Suite 101

Healthy Romantic Relationships During College
From the Counseling and Mental Health Center at the University of Texas

Sex and Dating
Prospective college students should read this

Sexual Assault
Sound information from Spark Notes

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Health and Safety

Staying Healthy
Good health tips from the University of Tennessee

Knowing Campus Resources to Stay Healthy
Good information from Washington University in St. Louis

Maintaining Good Health in College
Well worth reading - From About.com

Campus Safety Tips
Sound safety tips

Crime Prevention Tips
Very sound tips - Please read

Alcohol, Drugs and College - A Parents Guide
Good information for both students and parents

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Managing Money

Creating a Budget
Do you think money grows on trees? From CNNMoney.com

Creating a Budget
Something most students need to do - from Simon Fraser University

How to Create a Budget
Good advice from about.com

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Fraternities and Sororities

How Fraternities Work
Good basics from How Stuff Works

How Sororities Work
Again, from How Stuff Works

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File Your Own Taxes
Well you may not do this on your own now, but you'll be doing it soon enough

Tax Planning
Excellent site from About.com on filing income taxes

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