Preparing for College | Scholarships and Financial Aid | Finding a College or University

Preparing for College

Top 10 Things Colleges Look for in High School Students
This is a must read for students planning to attend college

What Colleges Want to See on Your Application
Well worth reading

10 Important Questions to ask When Picking a College
Questions that a student should answer from

10 Important Questions to ask When Picking a College
Questions that a student should ask colleges

How College is Different from High School
Both parents and students should read this

Getting Ready for College
Things middle school and high school students should do to prepare for college

How to Make the Most of Your Campus Visit
Visiting college campuses is important - Do it!

12 Ways NOT to Choose a College
Great advice to follow

How to Choose a College That's Right for You
Written by NPR - All Things Considered, you should read this

How to Choose a Community College
Learn about the advantages of community colleges

Academic Preparation for College
Very good advice from

Choosing a College Major
Nice advice on selecting a your college major

How to Choose a College Major
Good information by eHow

College Prep 101 - Choosing a Major
Excellent choice from Oklahoma State University

SAT Online
Check out some of the SAT information on this site

How to Prepare for SAT Test Day
Good hints for the big day from

How to Do Better on the SAT
Brief, but good tips on taking the SAT

How to Do Well on the SAT
Hey, it's a big day - Read this!

How to Register for the SAT
I registered on-line...It was easy

Register for the SAT
This is the exact place you need to be to sign up for the SAT

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

FAFSA Federal Aid
All students should apply for this

Search for scholarships for free

Scholarship Help
This site is packed with good scholarship information

10 Most Common Signs of Scholarship Scams
Not everything is as it appears - from

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Finding a College or University

Index of American Universities
An alphabetical listing of colleges and universities by the University of Florida

America's Best Colleges 2012
U.S. News and World Report's opinion on the best colleges and universities

Colleges and Universities
Search for colleges and universities from Peterson's

Top 10 Rules for Selecting a College or University
Very solid advice here...a must read

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