Easy Recipes | Ordering Out

Easy Recipes

Campus Cooking 101: A Beginner's Guide
For you novice chefs out there

Campus Cooking 101: The Advanced Course
For those who graduated from the beginners course

Microwave Cooking Recipes: The Top 20
Loved by every college student

Campus Cooking Recipes: The Top 20
Easy to prepare recipes

Toaster Oven Recipes
What a great site - My sister told me about this one

Food and Drink Tutorials
Really good video demos from VideoJug

Cheap and Easy Student Recipes
A whole bunch of recipes compiled by Minnesota State University

Recipes to Go
All kinds of recipes to choose from food.com

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Ordering Out

Online menus and Internet ordering - I use this all of the time!

Insomnia Cookies
I never order these - Yeah right!

Dining in.com
Order food to be delivered over the Internet

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